How we grow

Requiring 80% less water than traditional techniques; hydroponic growing allows us to have complete control over the quality of our produce. We do everything we can to make the system as efficient and ecologically friendly as possible; from wrapping our water tanks tightly in left over insulation from our house build a few years back to breeding ladybirds that eat the ever persistent aphids.


Although we cannot call ourselves organic as this is a complicated process we do believe in a gentle and natural approach to growing. After all - our greatest consumer is our own family table and we absolutely do not wish to feed anything nasty to our children. Mildews are a regular invader due to the British weather and we proactively use a natural solution to keep on top of it. Likewise aphids are a gardeners nightmare and our farm is no different. Careful planting using herbs like coriander around our lettuce helps to minimise any damage without resorting to anything toxic.