Located on a sheltered, south facing slope the vineyard makes the most of the long sunny days in summer and frost free days in winter. With its own micro climate we are usually at least 3 degrees warmer than the nearest villages of Bow and Copplestone meaning that the vines benefit from a slightly longer growing and ripening season as we do not get as many frosts in winter.


Surrounded by woodland and open farmland, the 2 acre vineyard is home to plenty of wildlife which we love to watch. We have had to build an electric fence around the vines to protect the new shoots in spring from the hungry deer and badgers that live in the area. The resident buzzards do an excellent job of protecting the vines from smaller birds which find the ripe grapes irresistible and also from the rodents which try to burrow through the roots. We have also spotted barn owls that hunt in the wild patches that we have left untouched around the smallholding and fingers crossed they will discover the barn owl box that is installed for them in our barn.


Coombe Head Meadow Vineyard is not currently open to the public for tours. This is something that we would like to offer in the future once the rest of the small holding is in order. For more information please contact Nathan & Sarah using the details on the Contact page.