There is no doubt about it; it has been a long winter. But spring is in the air, our lettuce is growing well and will soon be available in your local shop and we have a whole host of other veg to enjoy this year too!


Covid has changed the way we all live and how we spend our money. For us, it means that our original business plan had to go out of the window before it even had a full chance to flourish.


But through sheer grit and determination, and immense support from our local communities, the salad box delivery service aka Plan B was a real hit last year and has helped us through a very challenging time.


It had a few flaws though and we soon realised we were very good at growing the produce OR very good at selling it but struggled to do the two together and keep up with demand!


So welcome to Plan C 2021!

We provide local lettuce lovers with fresher, tastier and longer lasting salad leaves than you can get in the supermarket.


Working as a small family team we use new, innovate farming techniques with love for our environment to achieve the perfect harvest.


Alongside our amazing lettuce, we are now thrilled to offer a whole variety of different leaves and veggies to tempt your tastebuds.